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Empowering HR Professionals To Make a Real Impact With Real Insight

From productivity and performance to recruitment and retention, employee wellbeing infiltrates almost every aspect of professional life.

As an HR Professional, you understand how staff welfare can make or break a business. It’s not all about Dress Down Fridays, suggestion boxes and a new coffee machine – at least, not if you want to make a company-wide difference. Real impact comes from real insight.


We can help.

John Lewis & Partners
Royal Mail
Merlin Entertainments
Liverpool Victoria
United Nations

Listening is Key to EX and Performance

Listening to employees – be it through their behaviour, output, or appraisals – is key to enriching their professional experience and enhancing performance.

However, it’s often difficult to extract the information you need to inspire any real change.

Some staff may be nervous to share their true feelings and, while you juggle the many plates in your department, it can be challenging to find the resources to delve deeper.

Motivational Maps are  Employee Profiling, Amplified

Amplify Employee Voice

But what if you could amplify the voice of every employee in your business, without time-consuming meetings, intrusive questioning, or relying on only the most extroverted to make a noise?

Motivational Maps will translate the feelings of your workforce into data, with a quick, easy and confidential questionnaire that generates detailed, individual profiles.


True understanding of what really motivates your staff and the knowledge to nurture individuals like never before.

ESET Testimonial
Head of HR

"I became accredited back in 2017. At this time I was in a senior HR role at a global IT security company and found the Maps incredibly useful in so many ways, from helping to unearth underlying mental health issues with struggling employees, to guiding employees in their career path. I worked with managers, helping them to understand their teams better, in order to work more effectively with them, gain their trust and encourage them to become more confident in their roles."

HR Business Partner

Truly exceptional and make things so much easier

Understanding motivation and their associated Motivational maps accreditation programmes have been a wonderful discovery. Motivated Performance truly take the time to show you not only how to use the maps but ensure you are fully confident in their use.

All at a One-to-One, Team, and Organisational level, by truly understanding the personal motivators of every single member of your workforce.

Increase Job Satisfaction & Individual Performance

By implementing management and reward strategies based on what motivates and demotivates individuals, teams, and the organisation as a whole.

What are the Benefits of Motivational Maps?

Motivational Mapping will empower you to uplift and inspire your workforce by understanding how they are personally motivated.

This will equip you with the tools to:

Build High-Performing Teams & Fuel Future Successes

Motivational Maps can be implemented into your recruitment strategy and training practices, creating teams that cooperate and perform at their best.

Provide Tailored Support & Create Actionable Strategies

By developing a deep understanding of the people within your business, so you can provide the support and strategies that work for the individuals, and the teams.

Adapt Communication & Diffuse Challenging Conversations

The insights provided by Motivational Maps will tell you what your people need, taking the guesswork out of those difficult conversations so you can get to the heart of the matter.

By working with Motivated Performance to train in the use of Motivational Maps, you will benefit from:
  • In-depth initial training, tailored to HR professionals

  • Expert coaches with decades of personal HR experience

  • 24/7 access to in-depth training materials

  • Ongoing support from your personal account manager

  • Adaptable mapping for your individual needs, including Individual, Team, Organisational and Youth Mapping

  • Fast, in-depth analysis

  • Short, non-invasive questionnaires

  • Community support from like-minded, expert Practitioners

  • Competitive pricing

Why Choose Motivated Performance?

Motivational Maps have been trusted by:
John Lewis & Partners
Liverpool Victoria
United Nations
Royal Mail
Merlin Entertainments
Head of HR

Having been fortunate enough to work recently with Susannah’s company Motivated Performance, we found Susannah to be incredibly knowledgeable, insightful and highly motivated by supporting others to succeed. Her engaging presentation at our annual staff conference, on the links between motivation and performance, was just the right balance between informative and interactive, and it left the room buzzing with ideas and enthusiasm. Through Motivated Performance, and with Susannah’s support, I am excited to be working towards becoming an accredited Motivational Maps Practitioner and her passion for this area of work is infectious. For any organisation or individual seeking support to develop and succeed, look no further.

Are you ready to spark a motivation revolution?

Send us a quick message, and let's unlock the true motivations of your workforce.

Our In-House Programmes

We can deliver bespoke, in-house programmes to solve your people problems, whether that's to individuals, to teams, or to the organisation as a whole.

We use Motivational Maps, alongside deep coaching conversations and world-class training materials to unlock the potential of your workforce.

Our efforts will spark increased self-awareness, drive, and performance on an individual level, discover and resolve areas of conflict in your teams, and reveal the path to creating the organisational culture that you have always dreamed of.


Prices start from £175 for one person.

Get in touch for details.

Motivational Maps Accreditation

We can accredit you in the use of Motivational Maps, so that you can gain powerful insights into your people, and deliver powerful results for your organisation. 

Complete the first stage of your training in our powerful online education platform, before joining us online or in person (circumstances permitting!) for an intensive, but fun, training day, where we will teach you all you need know to start using Motivational Maps.

The Maps are highly effective in all industries, which means you will be gaining a tool and skillset that will be invaluable no matter where your career takes you.

Once you have finished your accreditation, you'll have access to The Motivation Academy, our online community of Motivational Maps Practitioners, where we host powerful Masterclasses, and drop new content. You can post questions to the community, and get answers from a variety of experiences and perspectives.

Accreditation for one person starts at £1507. Get in touch for details.

How We Will Help You

There's no such thing as one, clear-cut approach to tackling an organisation's people problems, be it retaining talent, improving staff engagement, etc.


That's why we give our clients our expert opinions and options, so we can deliver the perfect solution.

Get in touch to discover yours.

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