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We all know that motivated employees make for a better performing business. A motivated employee is committed to the work they do, wants to meet the company's goals, and welcomes further development and growth. A demotivated employee is the direct opposite. They might spend their time at their desk browsing the internet, or even looking for a new job. When you picture your business or team performing at its best, which would you prefer to see?

Leveraging research from several well-known psychological measures, including Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs and Edgar Schein's Career Anchors, Motivational Maps are a powerful, ISO-accredited diagnostic that accurately measures what motivates individuals, teams, or organisations, how satisfied they are, and recommend strategies to increase motivation. 

Motivational Maps are NOT a personality test, but are compatible with them. We understand that people don't like to be categorised into narrow, mutually-exclusive labels, and that people naturally change and develop over time. Psychometrics like MBTI, Insights, and Clarity4D tend to tell people who they are and how they are likely to behave or react. Motivational Maps focuses on explaining WHY, i.e. what's driving their behaviour, and provides insights into their underlying beliefs - leading to greater opportunities for coaching and change. 


A Motivational Map is a self-perception inventory, like Belbin, and measures something that changes over time. Whilst Personality tests tend to be taken once, Motivational Maps benefit from repeat measurement as the identity of the person changes over time, e.g. from manager to leader. Each Motivational Map creates a report that details exactly what motivates an individual, how satisfied their motivators are, and provides actionable strategies to increase motivation.

Whereas many tools provide great information at an individual level, Motivational Maps data is easily collated into both team and organisational data – all with different reports. This enables motivation to be measured, compared, and contrasted - providing organisations with robust intelligence on what drives its culture, employee engagement, and performance at individual, team and organisational levels.

How are Motivational Maps Different?

Create a motivated and productive team you can trust to do their jobs - so you don't have to.

You don’t have to be a coach to unlock the potential within your team, but you do need to know what motivates your team, and how to increase their performance and job satisfaction. Motivational Maps transform your employees' feelings into data, telling you exactly what you need to know.

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Motivational Map
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Finding Your Motivation

Enhanced Self-Awareness

Motivational Maps gives you a deeper understanding of your motivators and how satisfied they are, so you can highlight areas where changes need to be made.

Enhanced Engagement & Performance

Being aware of the motivators of you, your teams, and your organisation means you can develop strategies that align with these motivators and maximise motivation in the workplace.

Enhanced Leadership

Do you truly understand the needs of your teams and organisation? Motivational Maps will unlock this knowledge, enabling you to better direct the people in your organisation.

Enhanced Employee Satisfaction

When an organisation truly understand what its employees need, they will have much greater motivation and happiness. This, of course, leads to increased engagement and productivity.

Enhanced Teamwork & Productivity

When leaders understand what motivates the team members, they can properly strategise in ways that will keep the whole team engaged, leading to greatly increased productivity and team cohesion.

Enhanced Recruitment Strategies

By showing you exactly what motivates people, Motivational Maps can help you direct both new hires and experienced employees to the jobs that motivate them the most.

Motivated Team

What are Motivational Maps?

Motivational Maps are a clever and user-friendly ISO accredited diagnostic, which translates personal feelings into data, and increase self-awareness, team building, better management, and performance. Each Map generates a personal report that identifies your top motivators, the extent to which they are met, and provides practical and actionable strategies that will help drive up motivation to fuel your future successes.

Trusted by Sky TV, John Lewis & Waitrose, LV, Merlin Entertainments, the Royal Mail, the RNLI, and the United Nations, many organisations ranging from household names to small family businesses have benefited from using Motivational Maps at an individual, team, departmental, or organisational level.

Check out the video to see the benefits.

What do other leaders say?

We've used Motivational Maps to build stronger teams in organisations of all sizes, from one person to hundreds.

In larger organisations, it's often more effective for us to train an internal Practitioner to provide the Maps and the feedback, e.g. a HR manager. See our for Coaches & HR page for details.

Motivational Maps Testimonial
Paul Kinvig
Bournemouth BID

"Using Motivational Maps as part of our strategy day was invaluable in helping the team truly understand our common motivators and where our differences lay. This enabled us to frame situations & opportunities in ways that were much more meaningful & helped us focus around a shared goal. It was also the basis of assisting team members appreciate where their colleagues "were coming from" and dispelling perceptions. This meant the time together was much more productive and beneficial."

Motivational Maps Testimonial JPS
Janine Pattison
JPS Landscape Design

"The Maps gave us a fantastic framework to build an open dialogue between us all. Our company will only get stronger and better for all we learned about each other today – so thank you for being fun, generous and a great conduit for that discussion."

Motivational Maps Testimonial ESET
Mary Furness

"I became accredited back in 2017. At this time I was in a senior HR role at a global IT security company and found the Maps incredibly useful in so many ways, from helping to unearth underlying mental health issues with struggling employees, to guiding employees in their career path. I worked with managers, helping them to understand their teams better, in order to work more effectively with them, gain their trust and encourage them to become more confident in their roles."

Why Do High-Performing Businesses Focus On Motivation?

Motivation and engagement at work are intrinsically linked.


Faster Profit Growth

Engaged companies grow  their profits up to 3 times  faster than their  competitors.



More Profitable

On average, companies with engaged employees are 27% more profitable than their competitors



Reduced Staff Turnover

Companies that focus on motivation and engagement have significantly reduced employee turnover rates



Higher Customer Loyalty Levels

Customers often cite a positive employee attitude as the reason for being loyal to a company.


Powerful Hacks to Increase Motivation and Engagement

Individual Motivational Maps

Trying to understand people can be a headache. Start by understanding you, discovering exactly what motivates you, how motivated you are, and how to increase your motivation


Motivational Maps

Managing different ‘personalities’ can be tricky. Discover the source of potential conflicts, what motivates your team, whose motivation needs boosting most, and how to motivate and reward the whole team.

Organisational Motivational Maps

How do you create a motivating and engaging culture? Discover the culture your teams want vs the culture they’re experiencing, tailored reward strategies and which teams needs your help most.

Are you ready to spark a motivation revolution?

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