Case Studies

Here's some of our Practitioners work, showcasing examples of how Motivational Maps can be used to help your business.

Lester Brunt

By Motivated Performance

Overall it has identified the key areas that need developing to support the business’s growth , and it’s identified which areas don’t require additional input at this time. This enables the leaders to focus on the required changes, whilst maintaining and increasing team engagement, as employee voice is one of four enablers of employee engagement.

John Lewis Partnership

By Motivated Performance

The Motivational Maps have been fundamental in creating long-lasting and significant changes in attitude and behaviour. The OMMs and BMMs have created more control over their attitude, behaviour, strategy and how they approach their roles.

Loadpoint Bearings

By Motivated Performance

Richard and Jason’s confidence and effectiveness have increased. By training together they have formed a close working team, significantly improving communication between their departments. This has enabled them to anticipate and resolve problems in both production and people management.

Aster Group

By Motivated Performance

Aster now have four in-house Motivational Map practitioners able to instigate individual & team maps as well as feedback to individuals & managers on the key motivational drivers on their colleagues & themselves.

Department of Social Services - Australia

By Darren Schaefer, Curijo, trained and accredited by Motivated Performance

In summary our Branch planning session with the Motivational Map Practitioner provided an excellent starting point for the development of a meaningful Branch strategic plan. I would recommend this program to include teams from the public, private and not for profit sectors seeking to improve motivation and move away from a siloed approach to their work.

Department of the Environment & Energy - Australia

By Marie Ball, MB Consulting, trained and accredited by Motivated Performance

A career coaching approach guided by the accuracy of the Map has empowered Jaime with the awareness, knowledge and motivation to pursue those things that are important to her. Jaime’s confidence has grown and motivation increased as reward strategies are identified and applied.

United Nations Audit Team

By Karen Freedman, trained and accredited by Motivated Performance

The team found the workshop an opportunity to have empowering conversations with colleagues using the language of their different motivators to collaborate on their individual and team strengths in the strategic planning session. By identifying the drivers of high performing teams, the team identified further strategies to support each other in the office and in the field, particularly in report writing, quality assurance and joint projects to improve visibility.

Australian Government Department

By Marie Ball, MB Consulting, trained and accredited by Motivated Performance

The managers received a greater understanding of the divisions motivators and had a new appreciation of why some staff had the found the change difficult.

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