Values are a funny thing. Often created around a Board room table, or by just one or two people – but do they actually mean anything?

It’s easy to espouse to wonderful virtues when the sun is shining, and all is well. We believe values are what happens on a bad day. When the worse happens, when your world is falling apart – what are the things that still happen?

Motivators are aligned to values – our motivators (what’s most important to us) indicate what
we’ll do, our values indicate how we’ll do it.

Our Values and Motivators

Our Values Are:






  • Integrity and Teamwork: Our word is our bond, we will always act with the best of intentions to create a win-win, and that includes acting like a part of your team and considering what's best for you.


  • Purpose and Pragmatism: Purpose is key to us – what’s the difference we want to make together, combined with pragmatism – how can we make that happen in the real world, with real challenges?


  • Respect: Whatever happens we believe in respecting each other; we’re not all the  same, we may have different priorities and make different choices but we can honour and respect each other.

We don’t always get it right, so if you believe we’re not behaving in accordance with our values – ask us. You might be right.

As a Team, our Top Motivators are:




  • Searcher – the desire to make a difference, to live meaningful lives. This motivator is closely aligned to customer service and continuous improvement.

  • Spirit – the desire for autonomy and independence. This tends to be an innovative, entrepreneurial motivator.

  • Builder – the desire for tangible rewards. This motivator is linked to commerciality and tangible measures of success. 

Get in touch for a demonstration on how you can use Motivational Maps to develop your business, team, and employee performance, motivation, and happiness.

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