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“Susannah has worked closely with the team to build tangible objectives and better reporting processes. These have been fundamental to our success in improving a number of areas but particularly our Partner and Customer survey scores. Her work with my immediate team created the highest level of Partner ownership I have seen during my time in the department.”

Rodney Hoper
Maintenance Manager


Company Size



John Lewis is the UK’s largest department store retailer and part of the John Lewis Partnership (JLP), which is based on its founder’s vision of a successful business powered by its people and its principles.

Business Goal

Like most organisations, JLP wanted to grow whilst maintaining their profit margins. This would require maintaining the headcount and creating efficiencies.

We were asked to help the Maintenance Department incorporate new branches, alongside new waste and energy efficiencies, whilst maintaining quality, compliance and headcount


Motivational Maps were used to engage the department in embracing changes in the strategy and in providing an essential people-centric element to its annual conference. All attendees completed a Map and were involved in discussions and exercises around their motivators. This empowered them with knowledge of how their motivation influences their behaviours and choices, and how to manage and feed their motivation.

The conference provided the opportunity to consult the department about the proposed new vision, strategy, performance objectives and benchmarks which Motivated Performance were developing with the department’s managers. This project continued over a number of years to incorporate Leadership Coaching for the Operations Managers and their successors.


The project has been a commercial success. The increase in productivity has saved the Department in the region of £500,000 via saved salary and associated employment costs.

The Motivational Maps have been fundamental in creating long-lasting and significant changes in attitude and behaviour. The OMMs and BMMs have created more control over their attitude, behaviour, strategy and how they approach their roles.

Helping the John Lewis Maintenance Department grow, whilst maintaining quality, compliance, & headcount.

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