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Help People Thrive at Work with a Powerful Toolkit for your Coaching

As a coach, selling your time is unsustainable and difficult to scale, without the use of profiling tools.​ If you find some profiles a bit fluffy, and prefer robust, data-driven strategies, you're in the right place.​

Become an Accredited Practitioner of Motivational Maps to translate your clients' feelings into data that you can both easily understand, and co-create actionable strategies.

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Motivational Maps Senior Practitioner

As you probably know, money is rarely someone's top motivator. So what is?

Many employers believe that offering more money will motivate employees to deliver more and stay longer. However that's rarely the case. Performance, productivity, motivation, and engagement, are strongly linked.

According to this 2019 survey the UK has some of the least engaged employees in the world, with an average engagement score of just 45% and almost 1/5 considering leaving their employer.  Motivational Maps will tell you exactly what motivates your clients' teams, and how motivated they are. This enables you to provide accurate data and deliver powerful coaching solutions that will impact their bottom line.

Money isn't Everything

A survey of American employees found that only 18% felt that they would be more motivated by monetary rewards. This means that for many employees, a higher salary or more bonuses wouldn't contribute to greater engagement.

Motivational Maps Builder
Freedom and Flexibility

15% of employees report that increased freedoms and flexibility over their work timing and projects would make them better engaged at work. How can you tell if an employees drive for freedom is properly satisfied, or if they're left wanting more?

Motivational Maps Spirit
Everybody is Different

Motivational Maps identifies 9 drivers of motivation, and money is only one of them. All 9 of these motivators impact everyone to some degree, and Motivational Maps will tell you exactly which ones they are, how satisfied they are, and how you use them to engage and motivate. With thousands of potential combinations, your clients will never feel stereotyped.

Motivational Maps Defender

Why Choose Us?

Motivated Performance are 1 of just 5 Senior Practitioners operating at the highest level within Motivational Maps. As of 2020, we have personally trained over 100 Motivational Map Practitioners globally, including 7 Business Practitioners.


We don't limit our support to the accreditation...

We are passionate about equipping coaches and HR professionals with the power of motivation to accelerate personal development, deepen coaching conversations, build confidence, and increase performance. To support this, we are continually improving how we train and support our practitioners. We have a dedicated support team so that you are never stuck, and we regularly provide masterclasses and new resources to help our Practitioners market, sell, and enhance their coaching.

We know what it means to be a coach, because we are coaches ourselves, operating through our parent company, Aspirin Business Solutions. We want to help you be the best coaches that you can be, and transform the world through motivation.

As part of our ongoing support, our Motivational Map Practitioners automatically become members of The Motivation Academy, our exclusive group of Motivational Map Practitioners - a place for them to shine, share, and collaborate with their peers. Here, our Practitioners can post questions, updates, and receive feedback and ideas for how they can get the absolute best out of Motivational Maps. In addition, we will post new updates and give you free access to our Motivational Maps Masterclasses.


Members of The Motivation Academy benefit from 24/7 access to our Self-Education Platform, where all of our Accreditation resources are stored, including videos and marketing materials.

BONUS - As a member of The Motivation Academy, you will receive 2 Adult or 5 Youth Motivational Maps for free per year.

The Motivation Academy

What do most coaches do next?

Here's all that you need to do next:

- 1 -

Purchase your accreditation in our shop, or get in touch with us to book a group accreditation directly. We'll have a friendly chat with you to organise all of the details regarding your accreditation. We'll then send you out a Motivational Map, which you can complete online in just 12 minutes, and you'll receive your personalised report via email.

- 2 -


Then, we'll get in touch to give you your one-to-one feedback session. We'll get you set up with our online Self-Education Platform so that you can get acquainted with the inner-workings  of Motivational Maps. 

- 3 -

Training Day

Finally, it's accreditation day! Accreditations happen over Zoom, either alone or in a group. We'll take you through everything Motivational Maps, including case studies and examples, and we'll practice Map analysis and feedback with you, to ensure you can deliver your absolute best work to your clients.

- 4 -

Ongoing Support

Now that you're an Accredited Practitioner of Motivational Maps, you'll have our very best ongoing support. We'll hold a confirmation of learning with you, using example Maps or those of your own clients! We'll also get you set up in the Motivational Maps Online Back-Office and, finally, you will join your peers in The Motivation Academy.

Become an Accredited Practitioner

Licenced Practitioner Accreditation

As a Licensed Practitioner of Motivational Maps, there is an ongoing £130 annual licensing fee. This maintains your access to the Motivational Maps Online System, and also includes membership to The Motivation Academy, our community of Motivational Maps Peers. This comes with ongoing access to our Self-Education Platform, updated resources, and Motivational Maps Masterclasses.


And remember, Members of The Motivation Academy receive 2 Adult Motivational Map Credits which makes the annual fee worth every penny!

Adult Motivational Maps

£1507 +VAT

Your Accreditation includes 5 FREE Motivational Maps, further Maps can be purchased separately via pay-as-you-go, or with a monthly retainer.



If you are looking to accredit multiple people, please get in touch with us as we are more than happy to discuss a group discount.

Group Discount Prices Available
Business Practitioner Accreditation

Ideal for larger businesses and corporates, a Business Practitioner can train new Licenced Practitioners to deliver Motivational Maps without needing to bring in an external trainer. As a Business Practitioner you are responsible for those that you accredit, and therefore must be committed to supporting your Licenced Practitioners through their training and growth. Because of the depth of knowledge required to accredit and support new Practitioners, we prefer coaches to train as a Licenced Practitioner first, though there are exceptions. Prices are based on training a Licenced Practitioner to become a Business Practitioner.


Please get in touch for more information.

The Process
Motivational Maps Accreditation Process
Motivational Maps Accreditation Process

 Further Maps can be purchased separately via pay-as-you-go, or with a monthly retainer.

What do other coaches/HR say?

Having Accredited over 100 coaches/HR professionals as Licenced Practitioners of Motivational Maps, we've received lots of great feedback. You can check some of these out here, on Google Reviews, Trustpilot, or our MD's LinkedIn Recommendations.

Suzie Motivatonal Maps Accrediation Testimonial

Working with Heath and Susannah from Motivated Performance continues to be a real pleasure due to their generosity of knowledge, support and insight. As a Licenced Motivational Map Practitioner, trained by Motivated Performance, I feel fully equipped as I use Motivational Maps to begin in-depth Coaching conversations with Clients. In addition to the excellent support on the day of training (not to mentioned being incredibly well looked after), the support since then has been ongoing to fit my developing knowledge. Motivated Performance continue to provide me with a robust all round package of training.

Suzie Read

R.E.A.D. Coaching

Zsuzsa Motivational Maps Accreditation Testimonial

Susannah and Heath from Motivated Performance are excellent teachers and supporters for Motivational Maps Licenced Practitioner accreditation. They are extremely knowledgeable, caring, consumer centric, and incredibly fast. Their insights and experience about the Maps are truly amazing. I am very glad that I have had the privilege to learn from them and work with them. I can highly recommend them as the best source to learn and get accredited in Motivational Maps

Zsuzsa Czagler
VIP Coaching Center

David Motivational Maps Accreditation Testimonial

I recently took the opportunity to become a Motivational Map practitioner and Susannah was open, authentic and professional throughout - from the initial 'tell me a bit more' conversation, throughout the training and my confirmation of learning call. Susannah has a deep understanding of human motivation and extensive experience of the maps as a development tool, both at an individual and organisational level. Her style is one of 'high support / high challenge' which I enjoyed and she helped me get the most out of my learning experience.

David Mayes

Heathwood Consulting Ltd

Why Choose Motivational Maps?

Differentiate Yourself

Motivational Maps gives you a strong unique selling point over your competition, enabling you to empower your clients with the insight and ability to make informed choices.

Enhanced Engagement & Performance

Being aware of the motivators of your client, their team, and their organisation, means you can help them develop strategies that align with these motivators and maximise engagement and performance.

Accelerate Leadership

Gain a deeper understanding of the needs of your clients and their organisations. Motivational Maps will unlock this knowledge, enabling you to better develop your clients leadership capabilities.

Solve Client Puzzles

Motivational Maps help you put your client in the driver's seat, enabling them to ask deeper questions so you can work with them to develop better strategies.

Long-Standing Client Relationships

As people's motivators change and develop over time, Motivational Maps create lasting relationships with clients measuring their motivation in the long term.

Easy To Use

The reports produced by Motivational Maps are user friendly and easy to understand, so you can spend more time coaching and less time explaining.

Solving the motivation puzzle

Two Levels of Accreditation

All our Accreditations are centred around:


  • Helping our Practitioners get the benefits they expect from using Motivational Maps®.

  • Ensuring Practitioners are confident in both the accuracy of Motivational Maps, and in their ability to interpret the results.

  • Providing an enjoyable and memorable training experience.

Business Practitioner

Ideal for larger businesses and corporates, a business practitioner can train new Licenced Practitioners to deliver Motivational Maps without needing to bring in an external trainer.

Business Practitioner Accreditation
Licenced Practitioner

Add Motivational Maps to your coaching toolbox. Suitable for facilitators, coaches, and consultants, who want to make a bigger difference to their clients.

Licenced Practitioner Accreditation

Powerful Hacks to Increase Motivation and Engagement

Individual Motivational Maps

Trying to understand people can be a headache. Start by understanding you, discovering exactly what motivates you, how motivated you are, and how to increase your motivation.

Motivational Maps

Managing different ‘personalities’ can be tricky. Discover the source of potential conflicts, what motivates your team, whose motivation needs boosting most, and how to motivate and reward the whole team.

Organisational Motivational Maps

How do you create a motivating and engaging culture? Discover the culture your teams want vs the culture they’re experiencing, tailored reward strategies and which teams needs your help most.

Motivational Maps

‘Unpacking’ young people takes time, but the Youth Map quickly reveals what motivates them, how to boost their motivation at school and home, and how exactly motivated they are.

Feeling confident as a coach is hugely important to the quality and smoothness of the coaching. The focus needs to be 100% on the client, not on our uncertainty. When we walk into a coaching session, we usually don't know what to expect or how the session will go.

But Motivational Maps inform us how the person's feeling, what's important to them, and creates an agenda for the first session.

It's not prescriptive, it's not definitive - instead it's THE best conversation opener for coaching. I NEVER defend the Map, and I'm entirely happy if the client disagrees with the results because then we can discuss what IS important to them.

They are brilliant for developing coaching skills, a non-judgemental coaching ethos, and coaching confidence.

99.9% of clients say their Motivational Map is scarily/ highly or fairly accurate. The accuracy increases once they understand more about the 9 motivators, what they mean and how they influence their behaviour. But it's NOT about the accuracy or the Map - it's about how the client feels and thinks after their coaching, and the actions they take as a result to create a win:win for themselves and their employer.

Are you ready to spark a motivation revolution?

Are you ready to spark a motivation revolution?

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