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Helping Organisations & Coaches Create Happy, High-Performing Teams with Motivational Maps

Our team of Motivational Map Practitioners help you to build happy, high-performing teams through our ISO Accredited profiling tool which maps and measures motivation, uncovering blocks to high performance, and developing strategies for success.

We've been equipping high-performing organisations with the power of motivation for over 10 years, including John Lewis and Merlin Entertainments, and now work in schools too with Youth Motivational Maps.

John Lewis & Partners
Royal Mail
Merlin Entertainments
Liverpool Victoria
United Nations
Motivational Maps Senior Practitioner
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A dedicated online space designed to help you to maximise the motivation and productivity of yourself, your team, and your organisation.

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4 Reasons To Start Working On Motivation Now

Motivation and engagement at work are intrinsically linked.


Faster Profit Growth

Engaged companies grow  their profits up to 3 times  faster than their  competitors.



More Profitable

On average, companies with engaged employees are 27% more profitable than their competitors



Reduced Staff Turnover

Companies that focus on motivation and engagement have significantly reduced employee turnover rates



Higher Customer Loyalty Levels

Customers often cite a positive employee attitude as the reason for being loyal to a company.


Our World-Class Services

Adult Motivational Maps® for Individuals, Teams, & Organisations

Motivational Maps® are a phenomenally  clever and user friendly ISO accredited  diagnostic, which translates personal feelings into data, and increases self awareness, team building, better management, and increased performance.

Youth Motivational Maps® for Individuals, Groups, & Schools

Understand what Motivates Young People. Give them the skills and direction they need to truly develop and thrive.


Youth Motivational Maps® enable young people aged 7 - 18 to be more involved, confident, focused, and achieve more of their potential.

Adult and Youth Motivational Maps® Accreditation

We have now accredited over  100 Practitioners in the UK, and support over 150 Practitioners between the UK, Australia and Hungary. 


Become a part of a growing community of Motivational Maps® Practitioners, and make a measurable difference to your clients.

1/5 Senior Motivational Map Practitioners


One of Five Senior Motivational Maps® Practitioners

Global Service


Practitioners supported by us, globally

4 Countries

4 Countries

We are supporting Practitioners across four countries

Hear From Our Customers

Paul is a Business Leader Practitioner accredited to use Motivational Maps® with his team.

"Using Motivational Maps as part of our strategy day was invaluable in helping the team truly understand our common motivators and where our differences lay. This enabled us to frame situations & opportunities in ways that were much more meaningful & helped us focus around a shared goal."

Paul Kinvig
Chief Operating Officer, Bournemouth Town Centre BID
Motivational Maps Accreditation

Cathy is a Headteacher, and used Youth Motivational Maps® to try a different approach to lesson planning.

"The children really enjoyed being a part of this process and were motivated by it. Perhaps the biggest success is one child who was lacking in motivation, who now appears to have maintained a high level of motivation weeks after the trial. It was a confidence boosting experience
which has resulted in a confident learner."

Cathy Trundle
Headteacher, Reigate St Mary's Grammar School
Youth Motivational Maps Testimonial

Catherine is a Motivational Map® Practitioner, accredited to use Motivational Maps® with her clients.

"As a fully fledged Motivational Maps Practitioner, I am really excited to be using  this brilliant tool. It's already energising  my coaching clients."

Catherine Dudmesh
Coach & Facilitator, The Strengths People
Motivational Maps Accreditation Testimonial

Powerful Hacks to Increase Motivation and Engagement

Motivational Maps®

Trying to understand people can be a headache. Start by understanding you, discovering exactly what motivates you, how motivated you are, and how to increase your motivation

Motivational Maps®

Managing different ‘personalities’ can be tricky. Discover the source of potential conflicts, what motivates your team, whose motivation needs boosting most, and how to motivate and reward the whole team.

Organisational Motivational Maps®

How do you create a motivating and engaging culture? Discover the culture your teams want vs the culture they’re experiencing, tailored reward strategies and which teams needs your help most.

Motivational Maps®

‘Unpacking’ young people takes time, but the Youth Map quickly reveals what motivates them, how to boost their motivation at school and home, and how exactly motivated they are.

About Motivated Performance

Motivated Performance are experts in motivation and engagement. Our clients for this include national organisations like John Lewis, Merlin Entertainments and Waitrose, as well as many owner-managed and family businesses. Motivated Performance is the brand-name used by Aspirin Business Solutions Ltd for their work with coaches and trainers.

We are 1 of just 5 Senior Motivational Map® Practitioners globally, and are the largest Motivational Map® Accreditor in the world. As of 2020, we personally support over 150 Motivational Map® Practitioners globally, with monthly Masterclasses and our Motivation Academy.


We are passionate about using motivation to increase personal and organisational performance. We work closely with our Practitioners before and after their accreditation, providing continuous support and new resources through our own Motivation Academy.


Our word is our bond, we will always act with the best of intentions to create a win-win.


We're committed to our clients, and that includes acting like a part of your team and considering what is best for you.


Purpose is key to us - we want to make a bigger difference, and to help you to do the same.


We don't make false claims or set unrealistic goals - so we set out to make things happen in the real world, with real challenges.


Whatever happens, we believe in respecting each other; we’re not all the  same, we may have different priorities, and make different choices, but we can honour and respect each other.

Values are a funny thing. Often created around a Board room table, or by just one or two people – but do they actually mean anything?

It’s easy to espouse to wonderful virtues when the sun is shining, and all is well. We believe values are what happens on a bad day. When the worse happens, when your world is falling apart – what are the things that still matter?

Our Values

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