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Make a bigger difference as a HR professional

Become an accredited practitioner of Motivational Maps and make a measurable difference to business performance and employee experience.

Motivational Maps - getting to the heart of the matter

Motivational Maps are a phenomenally clever and user-friendly ISO accredited diagnostic, which translates personal feelings into data, and increases self-awareness, team building, better management, and increased performance.

Sky TV, John Lewis & Waitrose, LV, Merlin Entertainment, the Royal Mail, the RNLI, and the United Nations are just a few of the household names who’ve benefited from using Motivational Maps at an individual, team, departmental, or organisational level.

Become an Accredited Practitioner of Motivational Maps and make a measurable difference to business performance, motivation, and employee experience.

 We all want high-performing teams who love their work. The reality is at least 33% don’t and consequently productivity in the UK is one of the lowest in Europe – making us less competitive.

So, what do people want from their work, besides money?

Our ISO Accredited Motivational Maps profile will tell you in just 15 minutes, revealing both accurate and previously unconscious insights.

The Motivational Maps Conference, Hosted by Motivated Performance

Motivated Performance: Making a difference, experienced, trusted.

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One of just five Senior Practitioners globally.


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How to make a difference with this knowledge

Motivational Maps reveal not just what each person wants, across 9 core motivators, but exactly how satisfied each motivator is, e.g. purpose, autonomy and security.

As an Accredited Practitioner of Motivational Maps you can:

Understand your colleagues’ exact needs accurately and quickly


Have engaging and useful coaching conversations with colleagues and clients alike


Work together to meet their needs, or recognise when you can’t


Measure and report motivation and engagement levels in individuals, teams and whole organisations


Identify issues before they ‘flare up’ and resolve them quickly


Quickly develop trust and understanding with your colleagues and their managers


Have easier conversations about required performance improvements


Recommend cultural improvements to meet your colleague’s exact and verifiable needs


Client Testimonials

Kate Buchan

I spent a really enjoyable day with Heath and Susannah to complete my Motivational Maps Licensed Practitioner accreditation. The day was filled with great insights and knowledge with regards to Maps, motivation in general and how Maps can be applied to add value to both individuals and organisations alike.

Joe McGreevy

Aspirin are a truly thorough and forward thinking company, Susannah who completed my Motivational Maps Licensed Practitioner training is incredibly knowledgeable with regards to Maps, motivation in general and how Maps can be applied to add value to both individuals and organisations alike.

Jan Feeley

Aspirin Business Solutions are professional, dedicated, and truly big-hearted. Using Motivational Maps they have spent time really helping me to understand my own motivations, and the standard of coaching and training they provide is unparalleled. Could not recommend any more highly.

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