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YES! This course includes lots of knowledge based on my own experience with recruitment.  I’ve recruited for my own teams and helped our clients recruit for their teams.  Most organisations are struggling to recruit right now. Being able to help them, gives you an advantage – securing your relationship with them and locking out competitors.  We’ve included Tips on Recruitment Processes, Great Interview Questions as well as how to use Motivational Maps for the whole recruitment process.

I've never worked on recruitment with my clients before - is this for me?

We’ve created tools to help you analyse and summarise the Motivational Maps REALLY quickly, saving you time whilst providing your clients with professional insights they can use to recruit the best candidates, using our proven systems. These tools are so good, we use them for our non-recruitment Motivational Maps work too!

I already do similar things with my clients - how will this help me?

There are no additional costs incurred with this course. You can attend online, from the comfort of your home, in your pyjamas if you'd like!

When it comes to incorporating these techniques into your client work, you will need to purchase Motivational Map Credits. However, these costs can be passed on to your client as part of the work.

What additional costs will there be?

Absolutely! However, we can't guarantee that the price will be the same.

Can I join later if the time isn't right just now?

Revolutionise Recruitment with Motivational Maps

Unlock the secrets to integrating Motivational Maps into the recruitment process to help your clients hire better candidates, reduce mistakes, and save £££, whilst earning more as a coach.

leader reaching out to shake hand after being recruited by the organisation - header image for Revolutionise Recruitiment with Motivational Maps Course

Many organisations are facing a real and costly productivity bottleneck - profitability is booming, they're taking increased orders from clients. But they're really struggling to recruit the talent they need to deliver that workload and impress their clients.

The Great Resignation has made that even worse, resulting in rising costs to hire employees, and greater losses when they leave. The average cost to replace an employee is now £11,000!!!

Organisations are finding it a real challenge to attract, retain, and recruit good quality, experienced candidates, and so many of them are looking for new ideas to get ahead and stay ahead.

So we decided to do something about it, and created this course using the knowledge and methods that we have learned and developed over many years of coaching.

This course breaks down theories of motivation into bite-size, usable chunks that you can very quickly implement into your own coaching work. You'll be blown away with how easily you are able to start using what you've learned to generate work with past, current, and future clients.

Haven't done any work with recruitment? That's okay! The current business climate means that now is the perfect time to start, and this course will give you an excellent introduction into the recruitment process.

We've also created and included powerful tools to help you analyse and summarise the Motivational Maps REALLY quickly, saving you time while providing your clients with professional insights they can use to recruit the best candidates, using our proven systems.

The tools are so good, we use them for our non-recruitment Motivational Maps work too!

This course isn't for everyone...

First off, this course is designed for Motivational Map Practitioners, as you need the Map's powerful insights to get a true understanding of candidate motivations.

While we've used these techniques in many businesses and markets, from the mundane to the niche, this course isn't for everyone.

The people who will get the best results from this system are:

  • Coaches who want to make a positive difference to their business clients, AND earn more from them.

  • HR Professionals and Recruiters who want to increase the success rate of their recruitment practices, hire better people, AND save the business money.

What you're going to learn:

Module 1: Motivation & Recruitment

"Where's the link?"

People don't come to work because of their personality - they come because of their motivation. Unfortunately, loads of businesses fail in their recruitment because they ignore this simple fact, and they hope that their old-fashioned interview techniques will bag them the strongest candidates.

This module will explore the intricate link between motivation and recruitment, an example workflow that you can use to bring Motivational Maps into the recruitment process, and how specific interview techniques can give you a surprising insight into how candidates will perform in the job.

Module 2: Assessing Candidate Suitability

​Discovering what motivates candidates is a good start, but where do you go from there?

Let's dive into analysing the Motivational Map, highlighting the Motivators, the candidate's energy levels, and all of the amazing insights that will help you transform the recruitment process.

We'll show you how to create an Insights Sheet for your client, giving a detailed summary of each candidate, what drives them, what to look out for, and more.

Module 3: Using Motivational Maps in Interviews

It's interview time!

Let's discuss how interviews should be carried out, the right way. You'll learn how to coach your client on effective interview techniques, to use the Insights Sheet, and to ask special interview questions tailored to each candidate, based on what motivates them.

We'll also give you the run-down on the DOs and DON'Ts of interviews, so that your clients can learn to hold more effective interviews, with fewer mistakes.


"There's more???"

Of course! Once you've finished, we've got some amazing extras for you, including our Crash Course on Motivation (which comes with a handy guide you can give to your clients!), our top Sales & Marketing Tips to help you sell this to your clients, our Bulletproof Recruitment Workflow, and Case Studies to give you a better idea of just how these techniques have helped coaches and businesses revolutionise their recruitment with Motivational Maps.

Here's how to get started today:

The Great Resignation, and resulting labour shortage, has created an enormous, almost universal issue for businesses.

This means that, as a coach, working with current and future clients to revolutionise their recruitment is one of the most impactful ways that you can make a positive difference.

PLUS, by engaging with your clients, you will be able to earn a lot (potentially over £1000 per vacancy, depending on your rates!), whilst saving them a lot of cash by avoiding expensive and ineffective agencies, which often charge multiple thousands per hire, with no guarantee of quality. This makes it quite an easy package to sell to them!

The opportunity for you to make a real, positive difference, while earning loads, is what we're really offering here.

And, right now, you can get access to the entire course for  £147.

Just complete your payment via the secure checkout page, and get instant access sent straight to your email inbox.

Just £147

Psst, you can add coupon codes at the checkout page!

This course comes with a 30-day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee, along with permanent access to all course material, resources, and additional updates. All course content can be accessed on desktop, laptop, mobile, and tablet devices.

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