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Motivator Sticker Pack (5 Sets)

Excluding Sales Tax

Give your clients or team something to take away from your Motivational Map sessions!


These Motivator Stickers are perfect for showcasing their Top 3 and Lowest Motivators, and giving a little space to note down what they mean for their motivation and workplace habits.


This means they will have a constant reminder of what drives them, and gives their colleagues and managers an easy indicator for how they like to be managed and communicated with!


Brilliant value at £3 per client!


The sticker sets only carry the Motivational Maps logo, and are free of Motivated Performance or Aspirin Business Solutions branding.


One set contains the 9 Motivator stickers and 1 backing card. Your purchase is for 5 whole sets.


Postage and packaging is included.


P.S. can you tell I got carried away with the product photos?

P.P.S. Doesn't come with the plant, pen, or cute crocheted mushroom man.


Please note: any customs fees for overseas shipping will have to be covered by the customer. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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