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  • Adult Motivational Maps Licensed Practitioner Accreditation (via Zoom)

Adult Motivational Maps Licensed Practitioner Accreditation (via Zoom)

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Take Your Coaching Business to the Next Level by joining in on our next accreditation session.


Download our brochure for all the details.


Become an Accredited Practitioner of Adult Motivational Maps and translate your clients' feelings into data. Give them proven, actionable strategies that will increase motivation, engagement, and performance.


Your Accreditation includes 5 FREE Motivational Maps.

By the end of the accreditation you will understand:

  • How Motivational Maps differ from, and align with, personality profiles
  • Strategies to manage and improve the performance of all of your employees
  • How to identify employees who are struggling, and how to help them
  • Causes of internal and team conflict
  • How to boost motivation and engagement to increase performance, retention, and employee experience
  • The role of motivation in change-management
  • The motivators of leaders, managers, and team
  • The 9-Motivators at work
  • The importance of motivation and employee engagement on performance, wellbeing, employee experience, and retention


What's Involved?

  • Practitioner training manual
  • 9-Motivator cards
  • Motivator coaching cards
  • Mini Motivational Maps workshop
  • What is Motivation?
  • Understanding motivation and performance
  • 9 work motivators
  • Aligning personal and business motivation
  • The 5 primary ways to use Motivational Maps
  • Measuring and increasing motivation
  • Analysis and Debrief process
  • Understanding the drivers of behaviour
  • Coaching to understand and improve behaviour
  • Action plans to improve performance
  • Understanding and improving team dynamics
  • Self-Education Platform
  • Practice Motivational Maps
  • One month Membership to The Motivation Academy and Self-Education Platform access


As a Licensed Practitioner of Motivational Maps, there is an ongoing £130 annual licensing fee. This maintains your access to the Motivational Maps Online System, and also includes membership to our Motivation Academy, our community of Motivational Maps Peers. This also comes with ongoing access to our Self-Education Platform, updated resources, and Motivational Maps Masterclasses.


And remember, Members of The Motivation Academy receive 2 Adult Motivational Map Credits which makes the annual fee worth every penny!


And remember, if you have any last minute questions, don't hesitate to get in touch!


Please note: any customs fees for overseas shipping will have to be covered by the customer. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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