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Why is this Recruitment Advert so Effective?

“So you can fix a bike… then you can learn to fix a Lynx Mark Eight Helicopter”

This is the hook used by the Royal Navy Engineers. For the right candidates it’s a compelling call to action that connects at a deep almost visceral level.

What makes it so effective, and why would they focus on such daunting projects to work on rather than the normal components of a job adverts? (Note the total lack of pay, conditions, job title etc.)

Note, not actually a Lynx Mark 8 pictured.

The secret to this compelling message is the direct link to a motivational driver which Motivational Maps* calls ‘Expert’. The Expert motivator is energised by the opportunity to develop, use and demonstrate expertise. By enticing people with the opportunity to become an Expert with recognised respected skills and qualifications, the Royal Navy is offering much more than a mere ‘job’. Money and risk are almost irrelevant. However, these are also key motivational drivers which Motivational Maps* call Builder and Defender, and we all know that developing expertise inevitability leads to greater earning potential and job security. It’s less well known that developing expertise also builds greater self-esteem – but that’s another story.


By appealing to a motivational driver you too can create deeply compelling recruitment adverts. Details of the 9 Motivators can be found at

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