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The Army's Newest Weapon

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

In the last decade the army has suffered from decreasing numbers of applications. Army advertisements in the past have used videos conveying danger and risk to draw people in to no avail, so what has suddenly led to a 38% increase applications? Belonging.

Everyone feels the need to belong, whether that is with friends, at work, or with family. Failing to belong early on in life has long lasting consequences, and it is undeniable that belonging is important in every aspect of life. Rather than a need advertising adrenaline, the army has used this fundamental human need to tug on heartstrings in its revamped (and arguably revolutionary) marketing.

The latest army campaign, ‘This is Belonging’, shows squads offering each other cups of tea on rainy nights, bundling into trucks together, and singing and bantering on the way up perilous peaks. Each of these communicate a key motivator that Motivational Maps calls ‘Belonging’; belonging energises us through meaningful and rewarding personal and professional relationships. As 72% of 16-25 year olds are now looking for a job that has purpose and meaning, it is no surprise that being part of a team, a family, can provide these and sharply drive up recruitment and engagement.

The success of the ‘This is Belonging’ campaign should be a message to all businesses about the importance of belonging and rewarding relationships. Belonging is a cornerstone of human development, and one that also fuels other motivators recognised by Motivational Maps such as the need for security (Defender) and social recognition (Star). Not all marketing needs to demonstrate friendship and comradery, but all businesses do need to recognise the fundamental need of their employees to be a part of something.


You can find out more about the nine motivators of Motivational Maps, and how to specifically use belonging to revitalise your business, by visiting

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