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It's Okay to Struggle: It's Time Leaders and Teams Understood That

List of things you can do when you are struggling with Mental health at work

In business (and sport) we're focussed on performance, and rightly so. There are 3 elements to performance: 1) a clear direction or goal, 2) capability, 3) motivation (the desire to achieve the goal and improve our capability).

A major part of motivation comes from wellbeing. How can we expect our people to perform, to innovate and go the extra mile, if they are struggling just to get through the day?

It's more widely accepted now that wellbeing and mental health are real and important issues, and cannot be ignored. It's an added responsibility for leaders, both from a moral obligation and business performance perspective. It's worth noting that leaders also struggle with their own mental health, especially with the triple responsibility of caring for their team, their children and (increasingly) their parents.

The UK's Government Digital Service developed this fantastic poster back in 2016. I recommend it to you, and all our clients. Add it into your new starter inductions, and team-building events. Make it a discussion point, because talking is the best way to help our mental health, and understanding our manager and organisation's culture are key to performance, wellbeing and employee retention.

What do you think about this? Does your company provide this kind of support? Would you like it to?

If you like this poster and want to use it, feel free to screengrab it or download it from the GDS page (they encourage sharing):

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