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HR and L&D Professionals


HR and L&D Professionals are close to Susannah’s heart, as they’re roles Susannah’s held in the past. As Aspirin Business, we believe in embedding motivation and engagement into the culture of the organisation. It’s a process that can be accelerated by an external coach or consultant, but for sustainability it needs to be owned internally, and become part of the way we do things here, i.e. the culture.

HR can be a demotivating job, picking up the problems of the organisation. However, there is a move, a change, for HR professionals to get involved earlier and more strategically, to create cultures and managerial styles that reduce those problems, and make their organisation a great place to work. We’d love to help with that.

For HR and L&D Professionals, Motivational Maps will:

  • Enable you to have a bigger impact both at Board level and with individuals


  • Provide valuable data and insights for managers, leaders and individuals

  • Enable you to add real value to the development of individuals, improve the dynamics of relationships and teams


  • Increase motivation and engagement

Employee Engagement Professionals

At last, the need to engage and involve humans as ‘people’ rather than another ‘resource’ is
gaining substantial credence and widespread acceptance. For those early adopters, there is plenty of substantial research showing the benefits of employee engagement, and how to increase engagement. However, the evidence shows that despite many years of ‘practising’ employee engagement, the overall levels of engagement have not substantially changed.

As Aspirin Business/Motivated Performance, we started at the opposite end – so to speak. We started with individual motivation – what motivates people. And then came across engagement when mapping the motivators of job candidates. We became curious why people who were highly motivated were applying for jobs elsewhere. And our hypothesis is that people can be motivated by job roles, but are engaged by the wider organisation with both a role that motivates and an organisation that satisfies those ‘hygiene factors’.


So our approach to employee engagement is two-pronged – working from both the organisational ‘broad brush’ approach and of meeting the needs of each individual – including of course the need to feel significant.

For Employee Engagement Professionals then, Motivational Maps may offer that elusive missing ingredient, with the ability to:

  • Survey motivation and engagement together.

  • Compare both needs and satisfaction levels - at individual, team and organisation level.

  • Gain a deep understanding of individual’s needs and how these differ for different people, different roles.

  • Gain a deep understanding of motivation and how to create reward, recognition, communication, and change strategies that are individual and team based - rather than broad bush.

  • Move the needle on engagement and believe the data you have is a true reflection of the what you see, feel and hear.

Independent Coaches & Consultants

Are you looking to make a bigger difference for your clients and have a better work life balance for yourself?

  • Leverage your time and capability using this world-class proven tool, which clients find refreshing.

  • Save time by using technology, whilst improving the quality of your work and service.

  • Keep up-to-date with this third-generation profiling tool, which provides an opportunity to re-engage your clients.

  • Become part of a high-quality community of like-minded coaches and consultants.

  • Be coached and trained to accelerate the growth of your coaching or consultancy business.

Becoming an independent coach or consultant is an exciting prospect. There have never been so many opportunities to make a difference, and yet this is an intensely competitive field.

How can you make the difference you want, whilst having the kind of job satisfaction, income and work-balance you dreamed of?


How can you ensure your chosen work is sustainable – given that you’re primarily selling time (high quality time, but nevertheless, time), and regularly need to win new coaching contracts?

Many independent coaches and consultants find it can be lonely out there, and difficult to find tools and solutions that actually enhance both the quality of their work and their job-satisfaction.


Join our ‘family’ of Motivational Map Practitioners.  Benefit from this world-class proven tool and our highly-rated Accreditation and on-going support.


Contact us today to discuss your business and how we can assist.

Get in touch for a demonstration on how you can use Motivational Maps to develop your business, team, and employee performance, motivation, and happiness.

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