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How many of the change initiatives or projects that your organisation implemented in the last 12 months were a complete success?

Typically, it is as low as 30% because they don’t use proven change management models.

The cost each year to a business and its people is enormous through this ‘trial and error’ approach to management! Imagine if you could implement a new methodology that would lift the probability of success from 30% to 70%? What would be the cost and time savings? What would be the benefits for you?

“Thanks for a great workshop. It was really informative, with great insight into the various change models and the theory behind them, along with innovative ways of thinking about, planning and implementing change. I’ve had some excellent feedback from our management team. Everyone came away with a sound understanding of how to approach change and confident of managing it effectively.”


Lynn Barker, HR Manager, Poole Housing Partnership Ltd

During this course you’ll learn how to use an exciting NEW data-driven change methodology developed by leading global management consultant and Mindshop founder, Chris Mason during his 7.5 year PhD, which will help you dramatically lift your organisation’s probability of change success.

We’ll share best practice gained from surveying 240 leaders in 3 countries and teach you how to use the levers of changes to increase the success of your change project.

The training can be provided in-person, online only or a blended combination of the two. It is supported by an online diagnostic which produces a 6-page report.

Pricing depends on the format of the training (in person, online or, blended) and numbers of participants. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

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