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Motivated Performance is part of Aspirin Business – the part that focuses on solutions for HRD professionals including coaches, consultants and professionals in the Change, Employee Engagement, HR and Organisational Development space.

At Aspirin Business we’re in the business of transforming lives – the lives of employees, managers and HRD professionals. But, of course, it wasn’t always like that.

You see… our founder, Susannah, used to be a Finance Director of a technology business. It was a different way of making a difference, ensuring the business survived and thrived financially and commercially. There was little focus on the emotional health of the business amongst the compliance, legislation and technical standards. And that’s not to say we didn’t care. We did. We were awarded and commended for Investors In People, but we didn’t leverage our care, and left so much potential untapped. That made it harder for everyone, and left Susannah unsatisfied.

"We left so much potential untapped. That made it harder for everyone."

Susannah had learned how incredible organisations can be as a force for good. The workplace provides a fantastic opportunity to discover who we are, and what we’re capable of and realising our potential. It enables us to leverage the resources and opportunities around us, far more than we could if we worked alone. And when it’s done well, when we’re given the opportunity to stretch our wings, to be more than we thought we could be, and when that’s done with the appropriate support and challenge – there’s nothing like it.

However, the reality for the vast majority of people is that work is a headache. There are always challenges and problems and, frustratingly for Susannah it often seemed that others must have faced the same thing. So if we’re all experiencing the same ‘headaches’ it slows us all down and stifles our motivation and ability.

“But if you flip this on its head and resolve these headaches, what would happen then?”

Susannah created Aspirin Business to help other business leaders and managers succeed faster and to greater heights of success by learning from the mistakes of others, by being freed from the same problems.

If we move quickly through these same problems, we achieve new heights and we find better quality problems to solve. In short – we evolve. We evolve as individuals, teams, organisations, parents and communities.

Because, fundamental to Susannah’s motivators is the belief that when we are happier at work, when we are more successful, when we are more confident in ourselves and our abilities, when our organisations are a great place to work – then we spread that happiness; we bring that happiness into our homes, we share it with our customers, our suppliers and our neighbours. And that’s how we transform our world to become a great place to live.

“When our organisations are a great place to work, we transform our world to become a great place to live.”

Today, ten years on, we work with ambitious and big-hearted leaders and HR Professionals, in organisations of all sizes. Our clients include Merlin Entertainments, Waitrose, family businesses and independent coaches. Most are award-winning and all care deeply about both their customers and their team members.

Fundamental to our success is the need to be customer-centric – by always adding value. Central to this are the need to be trustworthy, to make things easy and to innovate – to innovate to be up to date, and to stay valuable. Motivational Maps, as our tool of choice, is key to this – leveraging the value we add to the clients and the cost-effective way in which we can do that, and enabling us to be both passionate about what we do and commercially successful.

Get in touch for a demonstration on how you can use Motivational Maps to develop your business, team, and employee performance, motivation, and happiness.

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