Meet the New Aspirin Business Family of Hungarian Practitioners!

Updated: Dec 12, 2018

It’s been a busy 2018 for Aspirin Business and Motivational Maps, we have taken on the License for Australia and New Zealand, we have created a new website dedicated to Motivational Maps in Australia, we have created a new Motivated Performance website to better showcase Motivational Maps, and we have now signed a Heads of Agreement for Motivational Maps Hungary allowing us to expand our growing Glogal Family of Map Practitioners. In Hungary, we have Accredited our 1st Business Practitioner and have 6 Licensed Practitioners. So we thought we would do a quick introduction to our Hungarian Family of Map Practitioners (The magnificent 7).

Zsuzsa Czagler - Business Practitioner

Zsuzsa has 16 years top level leadership experience at multinational companies and is now an Accredited Motivational Maps Business Practitioner and Trainer for Hungary. Zsuzsa is also an Accredited Liberating Leadership Practitioner, ICF ACC Coach, Mentor and NLP Master.

Zsuzsa is Managing Director of her own business, VIP (Valued Inspired People) Coaching Center, in Budapest, and is currently working on some fantastic Mapping projects with large organisations around motivation and performance.

As a Business Practitioner, Zsuzsa can now train and accredit Licensed Practitioners in the use of Motivational Maps for Individuals and Teams. This will allow her to develop her own team of Motivational Map Practitioners where she will help to support them and to grow the Motivational Maps name in Hungary and hopefully beyond.

If you live in Hungary and are interested in accreditation, get in contact with Zsuzsa.

Zsuzsa's contact detail here

Katarina Pósa - Licensed Practitioner

Katarina has over 15 years of international experience in learning and development with training design, development and delivery, and staff development emphasis.

Katarina is an Accredited Motivational Maps Licensed Practitioner, Accredited Everything DiSC Practitioner, ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC), Action Learning and PRINCE2 certified practitioner and Central European University Budapest Alumni Chapter Co-Leader.

Katarina's contact detail here

Tibor Horanyi - Licensed Practitioner

Tibor has over 20 years of experience in team building and outdoor training.

Working with thousands of people over this time, he has experienced diversity, cultural differences, and different attitudes. As a senior whitewater guide, Tibor has to make quick and responsible decisions. On the water, there is no time to meditate, argue, or follow other strategies.

Here, teamwork, consistency, position recognition, confidence, and good or bad decisions depend on everything, and tough situations will train skills and situations.

As a motivational trainer and team coach, Tibor has experienced the power of crossing the boundaries of our own comfort zone, if we are aware of the power of the driving force behind us (Motivation) when we move around the problems, he can then focus on the solutions.

Tibor's contact detail here

Zoltán Mester - Licensed Practitioner

Over 25 years of business and interim senior management experience with emphasis on corporate acquisitions, change management, strategic planning, restructuring and people management

Accredited Motivational Maps Licensed Practitioner

Management Consultant and Mentor

Zoltan's contact detail here

Marta Enyedi, MSC ACC - Licensed Practitioner

Marta is a Business Coach and Business Development Specialist. Marta has 20 years in sales, business development and consultant work in the multinational business environments.

Marta came across Motivational Maps when she faced a burnout, just after a peak in her carrier. Following this, Marta has now started her own coaching business and this has helped her to find the work-life balance she needed and Motivational Maps provide that USP that she has been looking for.

Marta helps leaders and their team to be more effective and engaged in their jobs, but also find new balance in their personal life. At Effecteam, we believe that great people create great things from personal, economical, social and sustainable point of view. Great talent, with high motivation can be a change agent, provide superior results and create a better. Marta and Future-Coaching is the tool to make it happen.

Marta's contact detail here

Zsuzsa Gerda - Licensed Practitioner

Coach, Trainer, Consultant for Organizational and Leadership Development.

25 years of multinational experience in Management and HR Leader positions.

Zsuzsa's contact detail here

Rita Ridira-Bócsi - Licensed Practitioner

Rita has 14 years experience in sales, marketing and executive positions for Hungarian and international companies.

As  a leader in the management of different size and age groups, she has been using her knowledge as a coach and trainer to help them and their companies.

Rita has the experience to work with people at all levels from Team members, Managers and business owners/Directors.

Rita loves to help people develop their business/organisation to increase their personal and business results.

Rita's contact detail here

If you are interested in being accredited as a Licensed or Business Practitioner of Motivational Maps, get in contact with

Get in touch for a demonstration on how you can use Motivational Maps to develop your business, team, and employee performance, motivation, and happiness.

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