Hungary Gets New Motivational Maps Business Practitioner

Updated: Dec 2, 2018

Zsuzsa Czagler - VIP Coaching Center, Hungary

Aspirin Business and Motivated Performance have great pleasure congratulating Zsuzsa Czagler as our latest Business Practitioner for Hungary.

Zsuzsa has successfully been using Motivational Maps in Hungary as a Licensed Practitioner with Aspirin Business for nearly 9 months now, when she requested to be upgraded to Business Practitioner status, we just had to accept!

Zsuzsa has 16 years top level leadership experience at multinational companies, she is now an Accredited Motivational Maps Business Practitioner and Trainer for Hungary, Accredited Liberating Leadership Practitioner, ICF ACC Coach, Mentor and NLP Master.

Zsuzsa is Managing Director of her own business, VIP (Valued Inspired People) Coaching Center, in Budapest, and is currently working on some fantastic Mapping projects with large organisations around motivation and performance.

As a Business Practitioner, Zsuzsa can now train and accredit Licensed Practitioners in the use of Motivational Maps for Individuals and Teams. This will allow her to develop her own team of Motivational Map Practitioners where she will help to support them and to grow the Motivational Maps name in Hungary and hopefully beyond.

If you live in Hungary and you are a Mentor, Coach, Trainer, HR Professional, NLP Practitioner, why not get in contact with Zsuzsa via her website at

Motivational Maps are a unique ISO Accredited Tool, the only tool that puts feelings into data and creates deep and meaningful coaching conversations that can produce life changing results.

If you are interested in Accreditation as a Licensed or Business Practitioner and want to join the global Aspirin Family of Map Practitioners, get in contact at

Get in touch for a demonstration on how you can use Motivational Maps to develop your business, team, and employee performance, motivation, and happiness.

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