Independent Coaches & Consultants

Are you looking to make a bigger difference for your clients and have a better work life balance for yourself?

  • Leverage your time and capability using this world-class proven tool, which clients find refreshing.

  • Save time by using technology, whilst improving the quality of your work and service.

  • Keep up-to-date with this third-generation profiling tool, which provides an opportunity to re-engage your clients.

  • Become part of a high-quality community of like-minded coaches and consultants.

  • Be coached and trained to accelerate the growth of your coaching or consultancy business.

Becoming an independent coach or consultant is an exciting prospect. There have never been so many opportunities to make a difference, and yet this is an intensely competitive field.

How can you make the difference you want, whilst having the kind of job satisfaction, income and work-balance you dreamed of?


How can you ensure your chosen work is sustainable – given that you’re primarily selling time (high quality time, but nevertheless, time), and regularly need to win new coaching contracts?

Many independent coaches and consultants find it can be lonely out there, and difficult to find tools and solutions that actually enhance both the quality of their work and their job-satisfaction.


Join our ‘family’ of Motivational Map Practitioners.  Benefit from this world-class proven tool and our highly-rated Accreditation and on-going support.


Contact us today to discuss your business and how we can assist.

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