What are Motivational Maps?

 It's easy. Motivational Maps® are an ISO accredited self-perception inventory that draws together research from Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, Edgar Schein’s Career Anchors and the Enneagram.

The result is a diagnostic that works on an individual, team and organisational level to produce an astonishingly accurate insight of where the ‘energies and emotions’ are being directed, how strongly they’re being directed AND satisfied they are.

The output is a user-friendly report that demonstrates this
information and provides both an understanding into these
motivators and strategies to increase their satisfaction, i.e. to
increase both self-awareness and motivation.


Motivational Maps are core or contributing elements in all of the factors of High-Performing Cultures.

How are Motivational Maps different to other Profiling Tools?


Motivational Maps® are priced to be scalable and therefore affordable. In-house licensing and training can reduce that price further as in-house Practitioners take responsibility for embedding motivation with the culture of their organisation.


Motivational Maps® add a deeper level of understanding and insight to psychometrics such as MBTI, Insights and Clarity4D. They provide some of the ‘why’ behind the letters and colours, making it easier to create lasting authentic changes.


The best thing about Motivational Maps® is the conversations they create. Coaches and managers find they quickly enter into significantly better-quality conversations about what’s really going on. The report enables managers and their team to sit side-by- side and discuss the results and their significance together.


After seeing their own Motivational Maps® clients become curious about what motivates their colleagues, managers and customers. The conversations and sharing of reports follow quickly afterwards, improving understanding, trust and teamwork.

Whereas many excellent tools can leave users feel disempowered and analysed, Motivational Maps® are deliberately user friendly. They’re quick to complete (typically just 12 minutes) and deliver a beautifully presented user-friendly report almost instantly.

Motivational Maps® is the only proven tool on the market that measures motivation. As a former Finance Director, that’s what attracted our Managing Director to the Maps. And more than measurable – time after time, the results are believable -often astonishingly so.


At is core Motivational Maps® is a coaching tool that promotes ownership. The reward strategies in the individual reports are focused on what the individual can do to increase their own motivation. This enables a different quality of conversation.


Whereas many tools provide great information at an individual level, Motivational Maps® data can be collated into both team and organisational data – all with different reports. This enables motivation to be measured, compared and contrasted, providing organisations with robust intelligence on what drives its culture, employee engagement, and performance at individual, team and organisational levels.

Who's Using Motivational Maps?

ESET, John Lewis, LV, Motorpoint, Ordnance Survey and Waitrose are just a few of the household names who’ve benefited from using Motivational Maps at a departmental or organisational level.

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