For HR professionals looking to increase performance, retention, and wellbeing.

Motivational Maps - Diagnostic for Needs and Behaviours

Motivational Maps - getting to the heart of the matter

Enhance and accelerate coaching results.

Improve people management skills by understanding your team & what motivates or demotivates them.

Measure & increase motivation and employee engagement.

What are Motivational Maps?

For powerful insights into people’s feelings, particularly what’s important to them at work, how motivated they are – and why. All to create successful change – at an individual, team and organisational level, through increased self-awareness.

Motivational Maps® Accreditation

Train the Trainer


As 1 of just 5 Senior Practitioners globally, Aspirin Business work directly with the creator of Motivational
Maps ® , James Sale.

We have accredited over 100 Practitioners in the UK, and support over 150 Practitioners between the UK,
Australia, New Zealand and now Hungary. In the UK over 80% of our Practitioners are regular users of Motivational Maps.

Accreditation in Motivational Maps ® is a pre-requisite for using the intellectual property and products related to Motivational Maps ® .

We can accredit (but not limited to) Practitioners at all levels in the UK, Australia and New Zealand and Hungary and usually recommend Practitioners start at the Licensed Practitioner level.  Experienced Coaches can fast track straight to Business Practitioner if they currently have a Team of Coaches/Practitioners for other coaching tools as they will understand the business model and what is required to support their Team.

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