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As 1 of 5 Senior Practitioners globally, Aspirin Business work directly with the creator of Motivational
Maps, James Sale.

We have now accredited over 150 Practitioners in the UK, and support over 150 Practitioners between the UK, Australia and Hungary. In the UK over 80% of our Practitioners are regular users of Motivational Maps.

Graham Purvis of Robson Laidler

Licensed Practitioner of Motivational Maps

Lorraine Hunt of BCHA

Licensed Practitioner of Motivational Maps

Mary Furness of ESET

Licensed Practitioner of Motivational Maps

Accreditation in Motivational Maps is a pre-requisite for using the intellectual property and products related to Motivational Maps.

We can accredit (but not limited to) Practitioners at all levels in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Hungary and beyond!  We usually recommend Practitioners start at the Licensed Practitioner level.

The Aspirin Accreditation Experience

All our Accreditations are centred around:


  • Helping our Practitioners get the benefits they expect from using Motivational Maps®.

  • Ensuring Practitioners are confident in both the accuracy of Motivational Maps, and in their ability to interpret the results.

  • Providing an enjoyable and memorable training experience.

To support different learning styles and for convenience, there are three parts to the Licensed Practitioner Accreditation:

  • Complete an individual Motivational Map

  • Receive feedback on your Map

  • View Training Videos

  • Explore Motivation

  • Explore Motivational Maps Model

  • Case Studies - Analyse and practise debriefs

  • Processes and Coaching

  • Confirmation of Learning

  • Setup and training in Back-Office admin portal

  • Team Map analysis and workshop debriefing


Training Day

On-going Support

All Accredited Practitioners will also receive:

  • Provision of an online Administration Console to administrate and issue Motivational Maps® passwords, create Team Maps.

  • For UK Practitioners, a beautifully designed, comprehensive Practitioner Manual with details on each motivator, how to analyse each aspect of the Motivational Maps®, the background to Motivational Maps® and a user guide for the Administration Console.  For our overseas or online accreditation's we provide a PDF copy of the Manual within the online training platform.

  • Access to the Motivational Maps® resource library, containing videos, articles, case-studies and downloadable training resources.

  • Training and set-up support for the Administration Console, including adding a logo.

  • Ongoing technical support for use of the Administration Console.

  • Access to our community of Motivational Map Practitioners®, which currently includes a monthly Zoom conference call, Monthly Virtual Coffee and Catch up, a private LinkedIn group and an annual Conference*.

  • *The 2020 Motivational Maps Conference is organised and facilitated by Aspirin Business, at a ‘not-for-profit’ cost.  Date is set for 12th October 2020, go to our events page to book.

  • FREE online training on Team Motivational Maps for our Practitioners and a white-labelled slide deck suitable for use with workshops and talks - with your first purchase of 10 Motivational Map Credits.

  • 1 pack of our New Motivational Map Cards.  Further packs can be purchased at cost of £20.00 +VAT.

  • Electronic copy of our Brand New Map Analysis document in Word format.

Licensed Practitioner Accreditation is currently £1,265 per person plus VAT, as part of an Open Programme and as well as all the above, it also includes 5 Motivational Map credits. 


Accreditation's run every 3 - 4 Months in Poole, Dorset, or other alternative places dependent on numbers and includes a delicious lunch.   Check the Events page for next Accreditation Dates.

There will be a License Renewal Fee of £125.00 +VAT per year, this will include 2 Map Credits and helps towards cost of support. 

Team Maps Training will be provided after the initial Accreditation, it's important to be confident in providing feedback to individuals first.  When ready for Team Maps, we provide online Team Training materials along with a white labelled Team Workshop Powerpoint presentation.  This is FREE to our Family of Map Practitioners when they purchase 10 Map Credits.

One-to-one and in-house Accreditation options are also available, as are alternative venues in the UK or abroad but additional costs will be incurred, contact us direct to agree pricing.  We also provide accreditation's via web-conference for UK and overseas enquiries.  Just get in contact with your requirements.


See Events for details of our next Accreditation Programmes, and events.

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