Aster Group

Business Goal

To accredit four of its team in the ‘Motivational Map’ tool with a view to using it as part of its strategic change programme within the business.


Aster now have four in-house Motivational Map practitioners able to instigate individual & team maps as well as feedback to individuals & managers on the key motivational drivers on their colleagues & themselves.


‘Motivational Maps’ identify core motivators within individuals and teams and are a significant aid in helping organisations with career management, recruitment and selection, talent and performance management.


  • The Accreditation Workshop saw Aster employees:

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of motivation

  • Identify key drivers and demotivators

  • Learn how to read and provide feedback on individual and team maps

  • How the data can be used to understand what’s driving behaviour and choices

  • How to work with and raise motivation

  • How to thus help improve performance using the Map data.


Aster Group is an ethical housing developer and landlord to benefit society. It builds homes for open market sale and shared ownership, and reinvests its profits to develop homes for rent. It owns and maintains over 28,000 homes and provides housing, care and support services to 75,000 customers.

What the customer says:

"It is clear that Motivational Maps will be a valuable tool in achieving our objectives as a Strategic Change team. Having our own Accredited Motivational Map Practitioners within the business means that we are able to make Motivational Maps an integral part of our strategic change process."

Rachel Credidio, Group Strategic Change Director

Get in touch for a demonstration on how you can use Motivational Maps to develop your business, team, and employee performance, motivation, and happiness.

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